“High Country Capable” Photovoice at 3rd Place Nov. 1st, 2019

Photovoice Project at 3rd Place in Boone 

 [Boone, NC] - A local photovoice project highlighting the importance of inclusion, specifically employing individuals in the community with diverse abilities, will be featured at 3rd Place on November 1st. The exhibit will be on display from 7P-9P during Downtown’s First Friday Art Crawl. 

High Country Capable is the theme of the photovoice project, and tells a photographic story of an individual’s abilities, skill sets, dreams and capabilities from around our local community. The project hopes to show employers the value of a diverse workforce. Come and view this local art initiative to support our local community in raising awareness and increasing the opportunity for inclusion around employment in the High Country. 

“High Country Capable” is the final project of AppHealthCare Innovative Approaches subcommittee, in which individuals in our community with diverse abilities were able to tell their stories regarding employment in the High Country and showcase their equally diverse capabilities. The project consists of 9 participants who had their portraits taken in a way that captures their hopes and dreams. The portraits are displayed on wrapped canvas (some are collages, some are single pictures).
Photovoice is a self-advocacy tool. Photovoice blends a grassroots approach to photography and social action. It is a process by which people can represent, identify, or enhance their community through the art of photography. This allows people to tell their own stories and enables them to act as potential catalysts for social change. 
The goal of this Photovoice project is to highlight the capabilities of youth with special health care needs to employees in our community. A local photographer Dawn O’Neal-Shumate has donated her time to be able to take professional photos around the passions of the youth that want to be involved in this project. This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

Contact Dawn O’Neal-Shumate to see where you can find the photovoice project after this display has ended by emailing lightbydawnstudios@gmail.com.   

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