High Country Capable Photovoice at The Jones House

Exhibited, during the month of March 2021, at the Mazie Jones Gallery inside The Jones House in beautiful downtown Boone, North Carolina, is High Country Capable, a photovoice project created to raise awareness concerning inclusivity for individuals with diverse and unique abilities who reside in the local High country community. This first edition of nine canvas portraits specifically highlights employment opportunities. High Country Capable was created and originally conceptualized with help from many dedicated individuals on the former AppHealthCare Innovative Approaches committee. Through portrait photographs designed and taken by local photographer, Dawn O’Neal-Shumate, each image tells a story of an individuals abilities, skill sets, dreams and unique capabilities with this first installment focused around professional opportunities within the local business community.

Members of the local community especially those with decision-making responsibility within local businesses are invited to spend some time this month browsing this limited-time exhibition. Presented and arranged to mimic a short interview process with local job applicants or a local encounter at a high country business, each portrait gives a voice to help the viewer gain an understanding of the skills, abilities, hopes, dreams, goals, and needs of an individual who possesses diverse and unique abilities. It explores, from the point of view of the person in each portrait, the need to include all those who strive and desire to be useful, productive and contributory members of the local community. 

For more information or to discuss future additions please contact the artist.

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