Letter to TRCS Teachers: What to Expect on Picture Day

I am so excited to be working with you all to capture portraits of your adventurous students this school year. My shoot day workflow will be only slightly different from previous years as I plan to spend a few minutes with each student/staff member to capture a range of natural poses against a custom collection of backdrops.

I plan to spend about 1-2 minutes with each child. Overall time will be approximately 45 minutes, depending on the size of each individual class. On October 25th, Kindergarten will go first and then each class after that (1st thru 4th) will be called in order. On November 1st, we plan to have the same order (5th thru 8th) unless you let myself or Mary Beth know of special time constraints for your class.

On your classes picture day, the plan will be to call half your class, at a time, down to the art/photo studio to have their photos taken. Please consider sending twin/triplet siblings from the same grade down to the studio together, in the same group, so that I may photograph those students individually as well as together. This will reduce the wait time that students will experience overall.

I would also like to offer a class picture day so that you may have the chance to have your individual group photographed for the yearbook and so students can have the chance to be photographed with their class as a future keepsake. Stay tuned for more news as we schedule this photoshoot event.

I do plan to offer special discounts for teachers and staff who would like purchase prints of any photographs. I am very pleased to be working with my daughter, Danika, who will be assisting me in the studio and we both look forward to seeing you and your students on your picture day.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns and/or special requests or considerations for your class.

Thank you!


Creative Director

Light By Dawn Studios

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